Beer Goggle Love 

Serenity Walker 

Spiked with caramelized 

tipped hair, the lead singer 

sat at cherry countertops. 

The jukebox sputtered, 

sharp overtones rising 

like a Sunday-school church choir. 

I slid on the stool beside him. 

A bead of sugar stained 

the rim of his drink. Caked rock’n’roll red,  

my head thudded against my palm. 

“Would ya order me a drink?” 

Riddled with rings 

he drummed, knuckles 

to the bar. He waved at the bartender. 

“The usual.” 

Tattoos peeked from rips 

in his jeans. Chains 

snaked from his pockets 

and through his belt loops. 

I bounced my foot against his stool. 

Would we have an Elvis impersonator 

with tin cans sounding like broken church 

bells in a Disney movie? I’d wear a busty, 

white jumpsuit while he would flaunt 

his leather jacket and laced boots. 

The bartender returned 

with our drinks. The singer handed 

me the tall glass, our fingers touching. 

“One tall glass of tap water for the lady.” 

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