Mission Statement

The Tributary is a collaborative literary and art-focused journal started by students from Lycoming College. Our journal was developed from the hard work of those who went above and beyond to produce art. In furthering this project we aim to enhance the skills of students so that they not only understand the process of submitting and receiving feedback but also to hone the skills of editors so that they too may contribute to their community. 

As small as The Tributary may seem, one must consider the name. In this journal, your work becomes part of a larger production, and through these individual efforts a collaborative one may be realized that ensures the enjoyment of fresh voices, intriguing perspectives, and thoughtful additions to the art conversation as a whole. With this virtue in mind, we hope to raise the awareness of undergraduate talent throughout society and to emphasize the need to continuously strive for creativity and its fruits. We at The Tributary thank you and implore you to submit your work to us, for your voice will feed rivers into the ocean-like whole.