The Tributary is an undergraduate literary journal. For over two decades we’ve featured up-and-coming writers, artists, and photographers from all walks of life. Through the work of our editors and the dedication of the undergraduate community, we have been able to produce an annual edition containing the works of many talented artists. This year, we plan on broadening our efforts and including electronically formatted works, such as videos and music. By incorporating these mediums, we at The Tributary aim to seek what you as an artist seek: the thorough spread of creativity and its appreciation.

Latest from the Journal

Tributary 2022

It is finally here! Submissions like rain mixed into a puddle, dripped into a stream, formed this year’s issue of Lycoming College’s Tributary. Rather than parse that expansive literary-sky, find your favorite (or soon-to-be-favorites) here in our collection of works. We thank you for your patronage and urge you to support our journal and future…

Red Summer 

Sarah Lanphear  There’s an etching in the southern magnolia  on the corner of Fourth and Mae, a scar   hidden by flowers, sticks, and leaves  on a branch just low enough,  just within reach.  The cut buried  by men who know how to hide  when they need to, who know   to work by night. White  hoods…


Rylee Delaney  Desolation   follows a path  of pickle jars   past teacup  vistas of watercolor  clarity,  through rum   bottle forests,   empty,   to one too many  towels, soiled  and vacant,   again. 

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