The Tributary is an undergraduate literary journal. For over two decades we’ve featured up-and-coming writers, artists, and photographers from all walks of life. Through the work of our editors and the dedication of the undergraduate community, we have been able to produce an annual edition containing the works of many talented artists. This year, we plan on broadening our efforts and including electronically formatted works, such as videos and music. By incorporating these mediums, we at The Tributary aim to seek what you as an artist seek: the thorough spread of creativity and its appreciation.

Latest from the Journal

Table of Contents

Poetry A Coronation in my Room By Olivia Hagios The Withdrawal Symposium By Elizabeth Albright Allow me to be a narcissist for a moment By Veronica Fahn Fiction Aluminum By Daniel Cohen Creative Nonfiction The Wonders in the Shadows By J. R. Valdez

The Wonders in the Shadows

J. R. Valdez The sky was still a bit gray from the drizzling rain that stained the car windows with the sky’s tears, racing each other down the glass as they collected and dried at the bottom. My surroundings were dreary and provided me no joy. Why would there be a need for such weather?…


Daniel Cohen Tap, tap, tap, comes from the ceiling. A thick cloud of dust falls into the room. Dust as ancient as angels. Tap, tap. Footsteps are the heartbeat of my existence down here. There’s footsteps with broken lamps. Footsteps that need Old Village “Tea Caddy Green” paint that we just ran out of. Footsteps…

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