The First National Edition of The Tributary

We welcome you to the first ever national edition of The Tributary. Authors and poets from all over the country allowed us to weave together their works into an iridescent tapestry. It is one that we here at The Tributary are proud to present to you. From the forests of Vermont to the Valleys ofContinue reading “The First National Edition of The Tributary”

I am 

Rylee Delaney  They, myself  not excluded, thought:  but surely I am     None,   not one  are the “other”     The hurricanes, the  earthquakes, several feet  from the other     All lusting,  a storming desire to  be the “other”     Together, a collective  petrified, shy, shying  from the other     Knowing, it’s possible,  impossible, to  beContinue reading “I am “

Who’s The Bastard Now?  

Caleb Hipple  1. A Hippie Fucks My Mom, 2000  “Tune in, Turn on and Drop out” (his favorite quote on Facebook)  Robbie, my absent creator, holds a breath—   he imagines instead her lover’s puffed chest, quakes   knowingly, blows on plump dandelions, unsheathes   in her stretching garden. Hidden, a snake   slides fromContinue reading “Who’s The Bastard Now?  “