I am 

Rylee Delaney  They, myself  not excluded, thought:  but surely I am     None,   not one  are the “other”     The hurricanes, the  earthquakes, several feet  from the other     All lusting,  a storming desire to  be the “other”     Together, a collective  petrified, shy, shying  from the other     Knowing, it’s possible,  impossible, to  beContinue reading “I am “

Who’s The Bastard Now?  

Caleb Hipple  1. A Hippie Fucks My Mom, 2000  “Tune in, Turn on and Drop out” (his favorite quote on Facebook)  Robbie, my absent creator, holds a breath—   he imagines instead her lover’s puffed chest, quakes   knowingly, blows on plump dandelions, unsheathes   in her stretching garden. Hidden, a snake   slides fromContinue reading “Who’s The Bastard Now?  “

The Last Spin Cycle 

Hannah Lee Defrates  Synopsis:   Imprisoned and disgraced from their surreal society of plague doctors, Meadowlark and Caraway seek escapism to escape the inescapable, even if for just one moment.   Characters:   Meadowlark- disgraced plague doctor; not as tough as they appear   Caraway- disgraced plague doctor; not exactly timid, but not tough; has a lot of abandonedContinue reading “The Last Spin Cycle “