A Coronation in my Room

By Olivia Hagios She remembered being helpless,Unable to move a toy soldierOn the playing boardOf the nightmares which claimed her They twisted her vision of reality,Morphing the world she drew—It seemed as soon as a battle was won,The horses charged again One night the girl decided To etch a crown into her skin, A crownContinue reading “A Coronation in my Room”

The Withdrawal Symposium

Elizabeth Albright At first, it starts soft, just an endless murmur of voices that blend into the white noise belched out by the old box fan, trailing dust worms and blowing the peppermint remnants of Bengay over the room. It grows, the shapeless din now a party. Glasses clink together and snip bits of conversationContinue reading “The Withdrawal Symposium”

Allow me to be a narcissist for a moment.

Veronica Fahn To take in my looks and my roots.My bent nose and thin brows.My frizzy hair and small elf ears. My roots have trees back in Mexico I haven’tstudied enough— my European roots invadedthe soil in my brain long ago and kept on growing. I don’t speak Spanish. I took Italian in high school.IContinue reading “Allow me to be a narcissist for a moment.”

The First National Edition of The Tributary

We welcome you to the first ever national edition of The Tributary. Authors and poets from all over the country allowed us to weave together their works into an iridescent tapestry. It is one that we here at The Tributary are proud to present to you. From the forests of Vermont to the Valleys ofContinue reading “The First National Edition of The Tributary”